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Hi and welcome to

The Nerd Den


It has been a long road for me to get to where I am today. I started my first business when I was in the Coast Guard by doing fancy knot work and weaving rope mats. From there I expanded my hobby to include glass and resin topped plaques. When we moved back to Texas and I had more space I dove into doing woodworking.  I grew up the daughter of a carpenter and have always loved working with wood. I started using a scroll saw, building furniture, and doing some wood burning. After a few years of just doing scroll work and woodworking I decided to start doing tumblers and getting into Sublimation. I have always loved creating things with my hands, and I find a wonderful joy in making something from nothing. God has blessed me in so many aspects of my life so I when I was still just doing the woodworking I decided to call my business Woodworking in Faith. I chose that name because everything I do, not only in my business but also in my life, is to walk in Faith with our Lord Jesus Christ. As time progressed and I ventured into new avenues I knew that I needed to update the business name to encompass all my different avenues of creativity, so at the suggestion of my best friend of over 20 years Amy, I updated the name to be Guided by Faith Designs. I had an Etsy store for around 3 years with over 500 "5 Star" reviews. But eventually I got tired of giving Etsy 25-30% of my sales so decided to launch my own website guidedbyfaithdesigns.com. During 2019 I was a vendor at Bell County Comic Con and I realized that I really needed to separate the comic book, anime, movie, and games themed items from Guided by Faith Designs, and boom The Nerd Den was born.


My Husband and I are both Nerds at heart. We love Superhero Comics and Movies, but our favorite is Anime. We have been married for over 10 years but have been Best Friends since we were 13. We are Dog Parents and my Husband is a huge part of what makes The Nerd Den a success.


Please let me know if you have any questions or if you have an idea of something you would like see, I am always looking for new ideas.

I do still have the Guided by Faith Designs, if you are interested in any of my Faith based items please visit my other website @ www.guidedbyfaithdesigns.com. There you will find my vinyl's, abstract art, tumblers, and digital files. I am always trying to add items to that website as well so check back often.

I am looking forward to making something wonderful and unique for you!

God Bless, Jean & Dustin Mitchell

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