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Aluminum License Plate


** For Car OR Home/Office Decoration **


This gorgeous license plate is printed using a process called Sublimation and creates vivid and vibrant colors that are long lasting and water resistant.






Please Note:

All of our custom designs are baked (sublimated) onto polymer surfaced, light-weight UV Protected aluminum license plates. While some of the designs may appear 3D, the art is NOT embossed, raised, engraved, etched or textured, but is 2D on a 100% flat, aluminum plate. The color printing process uses standard CMYK colors, and does NOT include metallic, chrome, gold or silver specialty inks.


These vanity/novelty plates are standard sized 6" X 12" with four (4) mounting holes, and can be mounted on the front of your vehicle or used at your home or office for decoration! Please note these beautiful plates are not official or meant to replace your state's legal license plate, and are for fun and decoration purposes only.


Please don’t forget to shop all the other “hand-made” items in my store. I am always trying to come up with new designs and ideas from coffee mugs, tumblers, woodworking, art, and so much more.


Customization and Personalization

We are happy to accept personalized or custom orders.

You just need to order the custom listing and tell us what you want in the notes section. If you are unsure if I can do what you are looking for send me a message along with whatever photo/saying you are wanting. Please keep in mind I am a Faith based business and will not put anything inappropriate on any item. This includes profanity or anything vulgar.


Shipping Times:

Each item is printed as it's ordered with an expected shipping time of 1-2 business days. Production times may be quicker or slower than listed. If you need the mug sooner than the listed production time, send me a message and I can let you know if I can get it out quicker.  



1: Colors may vary slightly from what you see on you